Cleaner Outdoor Spaces with Alpha Precasts in Brampton

Our waste and ash receptacles are designed with durability and ease of use in mind. Our containers work well in busy drive-thru applications as well as streetscapes, shopping centers or building entrances. We offer options for containing and removing waste from our containers, and options for lids include fibreglass, steel, wood, recycle lids, domes, sand pans and more.

See our selection of shapes and sizes below. Just click on the images for specifications.

Do you want to custom design trash receptacles to fit a particular form or use? See our custom precasts services, and contact Alpha Precasts in Brampton for a consultation.

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round receptacle

Alpha Precasts - 27BDB636A778.jpg


round ashurn

Alpha Precasts - 1914F8BC659C.jpg


square receptacle

Alpha Precasts - 1914F8BC659C.jpg


square ashurn

Alpha Precasts - 70F289F91D21.jpg


rectangular receptacle


round receptacle


round receptacle

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