Concrete & Aggregate Planters for Southern Ontario Public Spaces

Choose your planters from an array of beautiful styles and finishes in our existing product line. Our durable precast concrete planters can be customized for your specific project. You can add banding or a reveal, choose from wide range of aggregates, shapes and sizes and then pick the finish that makes your project stand out. We offer our planters with bottoms and drainage or bottomless to suit your needs.

Click on the images belowto learn more about our selection of standard sizes of concrete and aggregate planters.

Visit our custom precasts page for more options, and contact Alpha Precasts to schedule a consultation with our production team.

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Alpha Type B

cylindrical tapered

Alpha Precasts - 065D77C34763.jpg

Alpha Type C

shallow dish

Alpha Precasts - 1DEDE7CF4A4A.jpg

Alpha Type FC


Alpha Precasts - 5638CD9CD2A2.jpg

Alpha Type PAC-J


Alpha Precasts - C01A043899C8.jpg

Alpha Type J


Alpha Precasts - 963E6A5AF857.jpg

Alpha Type JJR

grade adjusting

Alpha Precasts - 0CE9660C1A1E.jpg

Alpha Type K


Alpha Precasts - D4FCC569334A.jpg

Alpha Type L


Alpha Precasts - 2215ECF36CF4.jpg

Alpha Type M


Alpha Precasts - 25A25E7F7F5F.jpg

Alpha Type S


Alpha Precasts - 6D860EA81B15.jpg

Alpha Expandable


Alpha Precasts - 3A9C07FE8995.jpg

Alpha Type 1-72

square stacking

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